Cassandra Healy

Cassandra Healy
Working everyday to help you build a healthier you. I am not your everything, but my help may mean everything to you.

Mental Health Advocate. Genuine Lover of Life.​​

Aloha :) Now, I am not from Hawaii, but I did elope there with my husband, so the state holds a special place in my heart. Now, some may say I was on a "high" when I married my husband. In medical terms "hypomanic" (basically a peg bellow crazy and out of control!!) I have been hesitantly diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder by psychiatrists,  however, I have never been one to sit back and let a label deny me the human right to live a great life.

I have searched high and low looking for answers, through science, spiritualism, and nutrition. The ideas I share on my  website, are not meant as a "cure", and I in no way advocate for disowning your medical team. I do hope that the information you gleen from these pages will give you the empowerment to own your diagnosis and create a lifestyle that "sticks". NO fad diets, NO 2 week fat burning exercise regime, and NO more excuses!

I'm here to support you in making lasting changes. The decision for change can be instant, but new habits take time to form. I am here to be your partner. Not your captain to comand you, not your leader to follow, but a person with strength who can support you through the challenges and remind you of your goals when times get tough.  If life was meant to be easy, we would all be in heaven already. The problems and challenges each one of us is faced with are here to push us towards growth. If we dig our heals in and resist, we'll constantly be battling upstream.  The work we do together will be your life raft, and things will become smooth sailing when you learn to move with the current.

I did so much on my own. It took a long time, and much pain. I have done the research and I have put my own body to the test. Let me guide you on a personal journey to discover what is right for your body, right now. No matter what your gender, or what stage of life you are in, let it be known...there is always hope.